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The Mole Creek Caving Club is a diverse group of people who like to get underground on their days off. We go caving mostly at Mole Creek, Tasmania (Australia), but also in other cave areas in the state. We are serious about safety, ethics and conservation in our aims & activities. We enjoy introducing beginners gently to Tasmanian caving, and tend to like chocolate. We find, explore, photograph, survey and document caves, and also undertake research. MCCC welcomes visiting cavers from all over the world. We maintain a modest gear store to enable members to borrow basic caving, vertical caving and rescue equipment as well as surveying instruments, and hold a library of caving publications. We have good relations within the Australian Speleological Federation and the Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association (see links), and actively seek to collaborate with other clubs, universities, police, forestry, parks, conservation and community groups in undertaking caving, cave management, search & rescue, education, conservation and research. Visit our news page.

We have brief notes of introduction to caving with the Mole Creek Caving Club. The site also includes a potted history of the club, information about conservation and our journal publication Illuminations. We hope you enjoy your browse here.

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Welcome to the Mole Creek Caving Club website. Come caving with us!