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 Donations and payments

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You can assist the Mole Creek Caving Club and the work we do for caves, caving, rescue and conservation by providing a financial helping hand. Your show of support may be done in the conventional way via contact us, or by using the e-payment facility on this page. Even if you are unable to contribute a donation or make a purchase, please drop us a line of encouragement if you appreciate our work or our website. 


This page is set up with PayPal facility for you to use the convenience of your VISA or MasterCard, or your own Paypal account, to safely and securely enable us to -

  • Accept your donation to the club, to show your appreciation and support for what we do for caves, caving, rescue and conservation (or even this website)

  • Accept payment for Illuminations and any other shop purchase

  • Accept club membership subscription (renewals only please - new members after personal contact with the club only) and any equipment fee owing.

Please click on the button below to proceed with any payment

Please email with a message notifying/confirming/explaining any online donations/payments/purchase orders. Please be patient, noting that, as we are a bunch of busy volunteers, our response times for item postage and receipt may vary. We most definitely will reply to you advising these details.

(all prices in Australian dollars)  ABN 68 331 617 769 

(click on the PayPal donation/payment button above to start purchase)

Illuminations, volumes of the MCCC journal (each $6.50 posted):

MCCC T-shirts  Available NOW!

  • Features the club’s classic Running Mole in the Cave logo design in black ink, surrounded by the club name, with the club web address underlining it (click on picture to right). The design covers about 6x 6 (15cm x 15cm), centred on the front of the chest.

  • The quality knit, loose-fit 100% cotton T-Shirts come in generous sizing. The initial print run included 5 sizes and 4 colours. Click here for photo of design and colour range. Many have already gone to happy wearers. Current stock is as per the table below.

  • We can get more shirts printed from a much bigger range of sizes and a few extra light colours if there is the demand – costs may vary somewhat with order quantity. We do custom orders for $20 for members.

  • Stocked shirts are on sale to members for $15 - below cost!

  • Non-members will have to part with $30 to buy one

  • Add $5 for postage in Australia

 colour / size swatch  S  M  L  XL XXL
Light Grey Fleck         1 1
Orange       1    
Light Blue         1  
Royal Blue            

Members Only Store
(these prices do not include postage)

Back issues of newsletter, cost varying with size (1-19 pages)
      pricing basis: 10c/normal page, and $1/colour page.

Safety Line (for cow tails etc.) 9mm dynamic rope ($4/metre)

Flat 1" tape suitable for chest harness ($1/metre)

Caving rope - new or used - 10mm or 11mm static (by negotiation)

SRT A3 ascender, never caved - used once for training ($50)

AA cells alkaline ($1 each)

Sellick Cave postcards ($1 each)

»  Questions? email or phone 0429 855426.