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Caving Equipment 

The Quartermaster has overall responsibility for club caving gear. Gear is available for member and visitor use in club activities. Consult with your trip leader, the Safety Officer and Quartermaster, and get appropriate training before using equipment.

Modest hire fees apply, with funds going back towards replacement of gear. 
Please make some effort to clean off mud and return gear promptly in consideration of the Quartermaster and other users. It is vital to inform the trip leader and Quartermaster of any wear or impacts on equipment during the loan period. Upon gear returning, the quartermaster cleans, dries, inspects and stores the gear, and maintains logs of history for each item.

General use fees per trip: Helmets and lights - $2 member, $3 visitor
                                                   Rope, ladders, and/or rigging - $2 member, $3 visitor
                                                   SRT rigs - $7 member, $10 visitor
                                                                                          can pay fees here 

Note that fees may vary at the discretion of the Quartermaster; for example, in the case of extended trips with high wear, or use of only part SRT rig, etc.. Use of survey gear is free. 
Fees are waived for cave rescues and rescue training exercises. 

Quartermaster store's gear list (in brief)

Lights & helmets: 3x Camp helmets with bracket mount for either miner or zoom style lamp
                                    4x construction site helmets fitted with zoom style lamps
                                    4x Oldham miner lights converted to 6V gel cell source
                                    1x Oldham 4V miner light with original wet battery source
                                    2x 6V gel cell charging board (1x single, 1x double)

Rope/gear packs: 1x small, 2x medium and 1x humungous

Ropes in service: Caving rope: Bluewater II 11mm:  22.6m;
                                                              Freefall 11mm: 25m;
                                                              Edelrid 10mm: 29.2m, 22.4m, and 59m

                          Dynamic safety line/climb rope: 10mm: 50m.

Ropes in reserve: Bluewater II 11mm: 75m.  Freefall 11mm: 175m.

Retired ropes: Bluewater II 11mm: 30m, 40m,and 22.3m.

SRT rig #1: black vertical sit harness, Jumar and Croll ascender, Whaletail, and accessories
        rig #2: red vertical sit harness, Petzl ascenders, Stop descender, and accessories
        alternatives: Petzl 5-bar rack descender for either rig #1 or rig #2
                                   SRTE 5-slot rescue Goldtail descender for either rig #1 or rig #2

Rigging: various karabiners and maillons, tube tapes, rope protectors, 
                  bolting kit, bolts and hangers.

Rescue equipment: 2x single pulleys, 1x double pulley, 1x Grigri belayer, 1x Jumar,  2x krabs,
                  safety loop, prussik loop, very basic first aid kit
                  (these are additional to above list of SRT, ropes, rigging and laddering) 

Laddering: 1x 50 ft, 2x 30ft ladders and 5 wire traces

Survey: Suunto internally battery-illuminated 1x PM5-360PC-B clinometer  
                1x KB14-360RB (magnetic reading) battery-illuminated compass,
                1x KB14-360RT (magnetic reading) tritium glow-illuminated compass,
                1x Suunto MC1 combined field clino-compass (adjusted for true reading),
                3x 30m fibreglass tapes.

Note: the club also has for sale AA cells, and other equipment for members

Take care of yourself, the cave and the equipment



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