Mole Creek Caving Club
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Aims and Objectives
  • To encourage safe, ethical and responsible caving with minimal impact

  • To develop and maintain expertise in cave search and rescue, collaborate with other organisations in search and rescue exercises, and be in readiness to perform actual cave search and rescues

  • To work for conservation and sensitive management of caves and karst

  • To foster good relations with landowners and/or land management authorities

  • To compile accurate and consistent documented inventory of caves and karst features 

  • To foster social exchange among caving clubs, undertake research and maintain contacts with other scientific and sporting groups of similar interest

we love getting underground!


Club Activities
  • We include horizontal and vertical caving at all levels of difficulty

  • Caver introduction, general skills and more advanced training, vertical techniques, visiting and caring for restricted access caves, speleosports, search and rescue exercises

  • Reconnaissance for new caves and cave areas, discovery, exploration, surveying, mapping, documenting, photography, research, sport and consumption of chocolate in caves at Mole Creek, Tasmania and elsewhere

  • Conservation: advocacy, land management, ecology and karst research, cave cleaning

  • School presentations and activities based on caving safety and ethics education - outreach

  • Publication of Illuminations, our journal that includes articles and research reports
    available for sale in our shop, where other e-payments can be made 

  • The club has successfully built upon its proud early history, and is developing a tradition

  • We maintain a caving equipment store for use on club activities, and a library for members

  • Monthly meets, member newsletter, phone tree and e-mail linkup: see contact us page

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