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Photography of caves at Mole Creek

MCCC members engage in cave photography, particularly to share delights of new places, including some with large features and others with very small details. Mole Creek caves are nationally renown for their fine and varied decoration. What tends to be neglected is the beauty of many of our 300-400 caves that are less well known than the usual "must see" caves that are frequented, photographed (and trampled) by most visitors.
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  Kubla, Ghengis, Marakoopa, Wet caves at SUSS,  Marakoopa at DPIWE  
 Kubla, Ghengis, Marakoopa, Wet, Croesus & Lynds by Dave Connard (has missing pics, ads)
  Kubla, Ghengis, Croesus and Diamond by Brian Skinn (has ads)
  Kubla, Ghengis, Lynds and Croesus in Tas Outdoor 
  Kubla and Croesus caves on the Hills and NHVSS sites
  King Solomon and Marakoopa at TouringTasmania info site
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  See a  road collapse at Liena (in Mole Creek karst).

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