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 Local publicity 

Here’s the article in August 2010's monthly tourism rag promoting NW Tas published by The Advocate.
Check out and look up page 15.



Annual General Meeting 

This year the AGM was held on Saturday 22nd May at Fern Lea, Caveside.
Agenda was outlined in CC162, followed by caving and social evening.
Saturday featured an inter-club rescue briefing and exercise ably hosted by Joe Sydney (many thanks!)


Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival
5-7 Feb 2010 – Jackey’s Marsh, 25 mins drive from Deloraine.
Great entertainment, forest walks, talks and workshops. Bar, fabulous food and camping sites available.
For more information or to check out the gig guide visit: 
Tickets are on sale now - see their website for details and options  


Dining with Devils thriller book featuring caving at Mole CreekTasmanian thriller with caving at Mole Creek!
Gordon Aalborg published
Dining with Devils in USA in April 2009, following on from its cannibal-featuring 2004 prequel, The Specialist. It is now available in Tasmania’s State Library, and can be requested for hold here. MCCC is kindly mentioned in Acknowledgements, and features in Chapters 2, 6 and 10, with additional minor references elsewhere. You will be introduced to a barely-fictional cave leader taking a guest trip under Mole Creek, in a fictional cave that resembles some aspects of Wet Cave.  Visit Gordon's website  for more details on both books. At present you would have to go to somewhere such as to buy these US publications. Gordon is currently negotiating with a Queensland publisher to produce both books for sale in Australia.


Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival
1-3 Feb 2008 – Jackey’s Marsh, 25 mins drive from Deloraine.
Great entertainment, forest walks, talks and workshops. Bar, fabulous food and camping sites available.
For more information or to check out the gig guide visit: 
Tickets are on sale now from The Artists Garrett in Deloraine.
For tickets please call (03) 6362 3235  


Cave break-in

The top gate protecting Kubla Khan Cave was found on 30/9/2007 to have been removed. The cave is renown nationally and abroad for its outstanding and fragile decoration, ancient and complex geomorphology - and in order to protect such values has restricted access. The vandals used heavy cutting equipment in a determined effort. Anyone with information please call Police CrimeStoppers 1800 333 000.



Club T-Shirts are available NOW! See our e-shop for details.

Jackey's Marsh Forest Festival

17-18th Feb 2007 – Jackey’s Marsh, 25 mins drive from Deloraine.
After 10 years, the original Tasmanian forest festival is on again.
Great entertainment, forest walks, talks and workshops.
Bar, fabulous food and camping sites available.
For more information or to check out the gig guide visit: 
Don't miss out tickets are limited to 1000 lucky festival lovers.
Tickets: $40 single, $30 concession, $60 family.
Tickets are on sale now from The Artists Garrett in Deloraine (03) 6362 3235
Please no pets, no open fires, no BYO alcohol or drugs.
This is a community family event

MCCC gets more 'official'

As of December 2006, MCCC is now an Incorporated body.

As of January 2007, MCCC is a Corporate Member of the ASF.

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World Cave News Feed

please tread lightly on the karst!











Wedding of Evan and Claire

Evan and Claire were married in Honeycomb Cave 26/11/2006. With our best wishes, they are honeymooning in Thailand and Kenya.

Birth of Lila

Janusz and Michelle now have a beautiful daughter, born 8/9/2006, to keep her brothers on their toes.

Annual General Meeting 

This year the AGM was held on Saturday 13th May at Fern Lea, Caveside. Quite a feast and chockfest! We also went caving, revisiting Horries Hole and Honeycomb. Aims for the new year include boosting our inventory of SRT and surveying equipment, adding some new books to the library, winter film and slide nights, publishing Illuminations 5, producing club t-shirts, rope skills practise days, increasing cave activity, attending search and rescue exercises, and hosting trips.  

Illuminations 5 in progress 

The 5th volume of the club Journal is now in progress. A couple of longer articles are almost complete, and many others are in various stages including conception, preparation of background materials, mid-draft and advanced edits. If you can contribute any article, news or any shorts such as cartoons, poems, artwork, please let Mick know. Contributions are also welcome from outside the club.

New descender purchased

We now have a spanking brand new SRTE 5-slot rescue Goldtail, especially good for rescues, long pitches, fast or thin ropes, or double-rope descending.

Evan turns 18

Evan Hunter, who has been a member for the majority of his life (who else can say such a thing?) turned 18 in November. A reliable source related that an appropriately large amount of chocolate was consumed.

Caving events 

Northern Tasmania cave search and rescue exercise with MCCC, SES, Police, Parks and Ambulance
    services was held at Rat Hole, Mole Creek, May 21 2005.
Southern Tasmania cave search and rescue exercise hosted by STC, Mt Wellington, December 2005.
Tasmania hosted the National Australian cavers conference, "CaveMania" in January 2005. 
International Cave Rescue conference is being held in Hungary, May 2007.
The international cavers UIS conference was held in Athens, August 2005.
   the next UIS conference is to be hosted in Texas USA, 2009.
The international Biospeleology conference was held in India, November 2004. 
    for more information on conferences, follow the appropriate conference links from our links page.

Website recognised for excellence
 Click for Golden Web Award Search page
In Dec 2004, was recognised for excellence with a Golden Web Award
from the International Association of Web Masters and Designers. 

To quote; "You and Your Staff at Mole Creek Caving Club have Obviously Worked Very Hard  - Proudly Display Your Award - " 

Michael born 

Janusz and Michelle became proud parents (and James brother,) of Michael, born 3rd May 2004. He already shows promising signs: mobility, curiosity, already hairy... quite the little caveman. All are well, happy and busy.

Marriage of Bob Broughton 

Club member of many years, Bob married Maggi Boughton on 2nd May 2004. We wish Bob and Maggi the best for their future life together. 

Vale Jeff Butt 

Jeff Butt, an STC caving friend of many of our members, and MCCC as a whole, died in mid-April as a result of cancer which ended his life unfortunately while he was in his prime. He will be greatly missed for his caving mastery, safety and conservation interests, personal integrity and friendly humanity. He was a gentle man and trod lightly on the earth. See STC's website memorial page for more about Jeff. Mick attended the wake at Hastings Caves and Thermal pool on May 1st with a number of his many friends to celebrate his life. 

"I, along with other members of the Mole Creek Caving Club, have met Jeff caving or at Search & Rescue exercises. I met and caved in southern Tasmania with Jeff a number of times over the years, and found many interests in common. I was much saddened at the news of his passing, and regret not having seen him in the last couple of years. My life was richer for having socialised and caved with Jeff, and I found being in the company of this gentle man of integrity was a privilege to savour. It seems he became the master of all he attempted, and he shone brightly as an example of humanity, beaming through his unassuming modesty. Thanks for being yourself Jeff; I honour you in your passing.", Mick Lichon

Summary of changes and additions to this site

February 2009 - general revisions and addition of Permit cave page

July 2006 - much updating and several additions including World Cave News Feed

please look after cave bugs!May 2005 - new page for Youth Outreach Program

December 2004 - recognised for excellence with a Golden Web Award

May 2004 - this news page!
                 - improvements to security of photo section, layout of most pages

April 2004 - many interesting additions to links page to explore

Early 2004 - our conservation page updated and new science and ASF codes pages added to this section
                  - new e-shop page to allow for online donations, payments and purchases
                  - new equipment and library pages

Late 2003 - hosting transferred to our own domain name
                   our old site location now consists of a forwarding page
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