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So you've just heard of Kubla Khan  amazing how many people have heard of Kubla Khan cave

Kubla Khan is one of several Restricted Access caves open only to experienced cavers in ASF clubs, upon application for visitation Permit from the Parks & Wildlife Service. Permit applications, in writing, must be made well in advance, and arrangements must be made for key exchange and lodgement of trip reports. Restricted access is in place for several interrelated reasons -

  • outstanding delicate features that are easily and irreversibly damaged by unknowledgeable visitors,

  • the minimal impact caving skill requirement is very high,

  • annual restriction to very small numbers of experienced cavers limits the unavoidable impacts of visitation by even most careful cavers,

  • the environmentally devastating prospect of undertaking a rescue operation (which thankfully has so far been avoided),

  • it is regarded as a "reward" for those at the pinnacle of their lengthy caving career,

  • requirement for engaging a local guide to facilitate in-cave protocols, and lastly,

  • the navigation and technical difficulty of negotiating the cave (if you're fumbling about and having to focus on technical aspects of caving, then you are not paying due attention to cave conservation).

So the short answer is that for non-cavers or cavers of limited experience this cave (along with other Restricted Access caves) is both very unsuitable and unavailable. Quite frankly, the speleological scope and splendour of Kubla is beyond the comprehension and appreciation of all but the most experienced speleologists.

So if you're about collecting "been there, done that" experiences to satisfy your ego, then you should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you have a long caving career, or want to develop one, you are welcome to join in club caving activities for local experience, and you will rightly fulfill such aspirations.    

it's interesting down here!



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 before seeing Kubla Khan Cave, learn to be a caver: take the plunge!