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The Moles Society is a caving organisation, now in recess. 
The Society was based in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia), and was affiliated with the Tasmanian University Union Societies Council.
The society operated very successfully in the years 1996-2002. 

The main purpose of the society is to offer safe and ethical introductory caving experiences. Activities included evening trips under Hobart city, exploring the historic underground course of the Hobart Rivulet and key stormwater drains; day trips to southern Tasmanian caves; weekend trips to Mole Creek Caves; and various social functions.  
Members were largely drawn from the Tasmanian university student population, but uni staff and people from outside the university were also welcomed. The caving expertise, leadership and training enjoyed by society members was entirely provided free of cost by members of the Mole Creek Caving Club. The society remains greatly indebted to those individuals and the Mole Creek Caving Club as a whole.   

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